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Excess Credit Hours


Nonresident Tuition for Resident Students

To avoid being charged extra tuition, resident students should be aware of the number of credit hours required for their degree and avoid taking more than 30 hours (or 45 hours for first enrollment at a Texas public institution prior to Fall 2006) above the program requirement.
By state law, extra tuition will be charged, before the semester or other academic session begins, to any resident undergraduate student who has previously attempted a number of semester credit hours at any Texas public institution of higher education and exceeds the 30 or 45 hour rule.    (Texas State Education Code Subchapter C, Section 61.0595). This regulation does NOT apply to semester credit hours earned before the 1999 fall semester.
The 30 or 45 hour rule includes courses which are repeated, duplicated, or courses for which the student received a grade of “W.” Although the law allows some exclusions; hours for courses passed, failed, withdrawn, and dropped are counted in the 45 (or 30) hours if the student took them while paying resident tuition at a public institution in Texas.
Students are encouraged to seek academic advising and to follow the official degree plan located on ASSIST in DegreeWorks. 
               Excess Hour Charge = $120 per credit.
Semester Credit Hours
Fall 2014 
Excess Hour Charges