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About Us

Southwick Hall

The University Academic Advising Center (UAAC) is an integral academic support unit within the Office of Undergraduate Studies of the Division of Academic Affairs at The University of Texas-Pan American.

It was established to provide career-oriented academic advisement for undergraduate students, and to collaborate with all other University services so as to facilitate the academic success of undergraduate students.

The University Academic Advising Center consists of both centralized academic advisement through Academic Career Advisors based in Southwick Hall and decentralized academic advisement through Professional Guidance Counselors and Academic Career Advisors based in colleges of the University.


To fulfill this mission, the University Academic Advising Center (UAAC) is committed to academic advisement and career guidance, for Undergraduate Students, by:

  • Leading students to better understand the nature and purpose of higher education;
  • Promoting academic skills, goal-setting, self-monitoring and decision-making based on personal interests, abilities and values which will encourage lifelong learning;
  • Assisting students to gather and process information needed to engage in academically related career planning based on their interests, abilities and values and enabling students to make connections with career-related services
  • Collaborating with faculty advisors and academic departments and other campus resources to promote a seamless academic advisement process with students;
  • Coordinating training and professional development opportunities so as to provide excellent customer service through enhanced communication, high standards in academic advisement techniques and information regarding educational options, requirements, policies and procedures;
  • Effectively and efficiently managing the University Academic Advising Center so as to meet student academic needs while satisfying and promoting university and state standards; and
  • Assessing the provision and effectiveness of the University Academic Advising Center services, as well as the extent of its collaborative efforts related to the academic success of students.