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Lean Manufacturing

Save time. Save money. Lean Enterprise streamlines business operations, reduces overhead, and harnesses the full capabilities of the workforce.

Companies all over the world are implementing a Lean Enterprise Operation System to achieve astounding results in operational efficiency, including major reductions in cycle times and increased capacity.

Lean is NOT simply doing the same things, the same way, with fewer people. Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection. Our approach helps you develop a resident expertise in order to sustain results over time. The aim of TMAC Lean services is to create a spirit of improvement that draws on specific toolsets, concepts, and principles necessary to achieve the strategic vision of the company.


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ISO and Quality

TMAC delivers an array of services, training, and certifications that reduce errors and improve quality. With little or no knowledge of ISO, your company can become registered within a year. We offer a straightforward process that is tailored to the challenges facing your business. Our experience is your resource for the following:

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OSHA and Environment

Environmental management offers opportunities to save money and improve material usage. TMAC has proven methods for identifying opportunities for improvement and establishing customized solutions. Whether your company seeks a single Lean and Clean training or a fully integrated environmental management system, TMAC has tailored solutions for your business.

OSHA - HAZMAT - SHE Risk Management

Accidents/Incidents - PPE, Rules and Requirements

here will be posted some pictures

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APICS and Supply Chain

TMAC has a robust expertise in advanced manufacturing and supply chain tools to support productivity and profitable growth. If the ideal solution for your business includes inventory management, operations management, JIT or MRP, TMAC has the knowledge to customize scalable solutions as well as prove functionality before implementation.


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