South Texas Border Health Disparities Center
October 21, 2016
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Pilot Projects

As part of its mission to enhance the institutional capacity of UTPA to conduct health research, STBHDC provides seed funding for UTPA faculty to develop research projects on health or health disparities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Every year, STBHDC annouces request for research proposals.

Sample call for Proposals PDF

Projects funded by STBHDC (2010-2011)

  • Intra-cellular traffic jam in molecular motors: A possible cause for Alzheimer's disease. PIs: Dr. Baofeng Feng and Dr. Kenichi Maruno (Mathematics).
  • Fine scale risk assessment of Chagas Disease transmission on the US-Mexican Border. PIs: Dr. Teresa Feria, Dr. Brian Fredensborg, Dr. Sahotra Sarkar (UT-Austin), and Dr. Virgilio Bocanegra-García (Universidsidad Autónoma de Tamualipas) (Biology).
  • An attention training approach for female victims of sexual assault. PI: Dr. Michiyo Hirai (Psychology and Anthropology).
  • Optimization of a screening platform for discovery of new antibiotics beneficial to South Texas inhabitants. PI: Dr. James Bullard (Chemistry).
  • Addressing health care disparities through the development of affordable anticancer therapeutics. PI: Dr. Joanne Rampersad (Chemistry).

Projects funded by STBHDC (2009-2010)

  • Lower Rio Grande Valley Mexican-Americans: Experiences and Perceptions of Mental Distress. PIs: Dr. Iran Barrera and Dr. John Gonzalez (Social Work).
  • Development of a bacterial protein synthesis system for discovery of new antibiotics beneficial to South Texas inhabitants. PI: Dr. James Bullard (Chemistry).
  • Characteristics of sexual abuse, sexual offense, and information-seeking by young sex-offenders at the US-Mexico Border. PIs: Dr. Darrin Rogers and Dr. Frederick Ernst (Psychology and Anthropology).
  • Disparities in Dengue Infection Rates between Opposite Sides of the US-Mexican Border. PIs: Dr. Christopher Vitek (Biology) and Dr. Christopher Mores (Louisiana State University).
  • Health literacy along the US-Mexico border: A cultural approach to health communication. PI: Dr. Shirley Wells (Occupational Therapy).

Projects funded by STBHDC (2008-2009 )

  • Exploring the psycho-social variables related to unintended pregnancy in a Healthy Start sponsored Latina adolescent program along the Texas-Mexico border. Drs . Janis Feldman and Sharon Pittman (Social Work).
  • Chlorinated organic compounds in seafood from the Arroyo Colorado: Possible health risks? Dr. Thomas Whelan (Chemistry).
  • The effectiveness of community health workers model in combating type 2 diabetes in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Drs. Igor Ryabov and Chad Richardson (Sociology).
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