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Office of Research Compliance

Time and Effort

Certification Schedule

ECRT Shared Application
Dates for ECRT Activities

Payroll Reporting Period   Pre-Review Period   Certification Period
1-Mar-12 31-Aug-12   1-Oct-12 12-Oct-12   17-Oct-12 16-Nov-12
1-Sep-12 28-Feb-13   1-Apr-13 12-Apr-13   17-Apr-13 17-May-13
1-Mar-13 31-Aug-13   30-Sep-13 11-Oct-13   16-Oct-13 15-Nov-13
1-Sep-13 28-Feb-14   31-Mar-14 11-Apr-14   16-Apr-14 16-May-14
1-Mar-14 31-Aug-14   29-Sep-14 10-Oct-14   18-Nov-14 18-Dec-14
1-Sep-14 28-Feb-15   30-Mar-15 10-Apr-15   15-Apr-15 15-May-15
1-Mar-15 31-Aug-15   28-Sep-15 9-Oct-15   14-Oct-15 13-Nov-15