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The Office of Research Compliance within the Office of Research is responsible for facilitating Time and Effort Certification or Effort Reporting for all sponsored projects. This process is mandated by the federal government. The staff is here to assist the campus community with Training, Time and Effort Certification, and Verification of Effort on Sponsored Projects to ensure compliance with federal requirements and university policies.

The UTPA Time and Effort Certification Training is an online training workshop administered through “myUTPA” to familiarize all users: Supporting Individuals(SI’s), College Effort Coordinators (CEC’s) and Primary Individuals (PI’s) with federal regulations and UTPA’s policies and procedures that govern effort on sponsored projects. As well as step by step information on how to certify effort on the University’s online Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) system.

The ECRT system is a web-based system designed to help you comply with institutional time and effort certification policies, federal policy OMB Circular A-21 section J.10, NIH Salary Limitation on Grants, and other relevant agency policies that govern the need for Primary Individuals (PI’s) to certify his/her own Effort Certification report as well as reports for all Supporting Individuals (except PI’s) who have expended Effort on his/her Sponsored Project(s) every 6 months. After the Certification Period is over, the Verification Process will start with a random selection of certified effort cards to be verified.

The Office of Research Compliance will conduct a Verification Process on Sponsored Projects by interviewing randomly selected individuals to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed.