Office of Research

Office of Sponsored Projects

Award Management

Project Monitoring and Administration

Federal and state laws require that contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements are monitored to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the awarding agency.


A subcontract/subaward is an award of financial assistance to an eligible subrecipient under a grant or cooperative agreement. If funds awarded to UTPA are subcontracted to another institution or organization (subrecipient), please contact OSP. OSP will assist you in establishing a subcontract agreement with that institution or organization.

If you are unsure if a person or organization should be included on your project as a subrecipient or as a vendor/consultant this document will help to guide your determination.

Project Revisions

Project revisions that require sponsor approval (such as changes in the scope of work, senior personnel, budget, and other modifications of award terms and conditions) contact OSP. The PI should initiate a letter describing the desired change, with justification, and forward it to OSP for review. (Examples of prior approvals)

No-Cost Extensions

Funds must be expended prior to the expiration date of a project. If additional time is needed to complete the project objectives without additional funds, a no-cost extension may be an option.  A no-cost extension extends the performance period and allows for the expenditure of funds. No cost extensions must be approved prior to the expiration of the grant. Requests should be made well in advance of the grant expiration date and should be signed and dated by both the PI and the authorized representative of the University. PIs should consult agency guidelines for detailed instructions for no-cost time extension requests or contact the OSP for assistance.

Project Reporting

Principal Investigators/project directors are required to submit reports to the awarding agency on a periodic basis. To assist researchers with the timely submittal of required reports, the OSP monitors reporting requirements and transmits reminder letters to the PI 90, 60 and 30 days from reporting deadline(s).

Project Close-out

The closeout process commences when the award expires, is terminated by the agency, or is terminated by a party to the agreement. The principal investigator/project director is required to submit copies of all technical reports and any other required closeout reports to the OSP, at the time of submission to the funding agency.