Office of Research


Sponsored Projects

  • Conference Room Reservation
  • Intent to Submit a Research Proposal
  • Funding Search Request
  • Proposal Award Authorization Form
    • The Sponsored Projects Proposal/Award Authorization form is no longer used for proposal review/submissions. All proposals should now be routed and signed/approved electronically through Cayuse424. More information about and instructions for Cayuse424 can be found HERE.
    • The Sponsored Projects Proposal/Award Authorization form should still be used when routing award documents (i.e. contracts/agreements, reports) for signature/approval.
  • UTPA Budget Development Worksheet
    •  The Sponsored Projects Budget Development Worksheet is designed to facilitate the budgeting process by calculating for you all the required data. The figures will be reviewed and edited by the OSP staff and changes made if necessary. This form must be used to prepare your grant project budget and must be submitted along with your final proposal for review by OSP.
  • UTPA Subrecipient Commitment Form
    • The Sponsored Projects Subrecipient Commitment Form is designed to facilitate the subrecipient approval process. The form outlines what documentation is required from subrecipients and includes a signature requirement from subrecipient's authorizing official. This form must be used when preparing a proposal application that includes any subrecipient(s) and must be submitted to OSP prior to proposal submission.
  •  Proposal/Award Cost Sharing Recap
    • When committing UTPA resources to a proposed project the PI/PD must document and secure the authorization of the use of these resources using the Proposal/Award Cost Sharing Recap Form.This form should accompay the proposal package when routed for administrative review and approval.
  • Financial Conflict of Interest 
    • This disclosure is used by the PI to declare any financial interests that may be in direct conflict with the proposed research and/or with the funding agency.