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Connecting knowledge with society to enhance the quality of life and to promote economic growth

About the Office of Research

The Office of Research at The University of Texas Pan American promotes, encourages, and provides assistance for research and scholarship and creative activities in all disciplines by the University faculty, staff, and students. The office provides services to help faculty, staff and students to succeed in their efforts. The services cover guidance on all aspects of research administration including identifying funding opportunities, proposal development, research compliance and post award administration. The office also facilitates the transfer of discoveries, creative works, inventions, and processes resulting from research and scholarly activities to the private sector to enhance the quality of life for society.


As part of the University’s stewardship focus, the above mission is accomplished through efforts that:

  • Enhance the research capacity at UTPA by encouraging interdisciplinary research and scholarly collaborations for student engagement
  • Promote and manage the research enterprise and the intellectual property at UTPA
  • Link the University’s core competencies with the private sector

The Office of Research delivers its programs and services through the following departments and organizations:

  • Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Office of Technology Transfer
  • Office of Research Compliance

Office of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects facilitates growth in research funding for the institution by supporting faculty and staff on campus to seek and administer both internal and external funding for research, scholarship and creative activities and public service related efforts. The goal is to enhance the University’s research capacity and to support faculty members in creating opportunities for students to gain valuable hands-on experience and to better prepare students for graduate careers and the knowledge-based global job market. This is achieved through active participation by faculty members, staff and students, and the research centers on campus.


  • Educational workshops on various topics related to external funding
  • Match faculty interests with funding opportunities
  • Guide faculty and staff on proposal development and grant writing
  • Guide faculty and staff on budget preparations for proposals
  • Negotiate contracts with funding agencies
  • Post-award administration guidance in collaboration with the Office of Grants & Contracts
  • Facilitate compliance with funding agencies’ requirements and UTPA policies
  • Administer internal faculty scholarships

Office of Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer serves as the primary resource for Intellectual Property (IP) related matters, and it facilitates the legal protection, marketing, and commercialization of IP resulting from research and scholarly activities to enhance the quality of life in society. The office also links private sector businesses and entrepreneurs with appropriate research expertise and resources at UTPA.


  • Educational programs on IP protection and commercialization
  • Guide faculty, students and staff on IP related matters
  • Evaluate IP disclosures for technical and commercial potential
  • Facilitate the legal protection of IP
  • Manage and market UTPA’s IP portfolio
  • Link UTPA’s IP with the private sector industrial partners for commercialization
  • Link private sector businesses with UTPA’s applied research centers
  • Develop collaborative research partnerships with industry
  • Facilitate technology based start-ups
  • Negotiate and execute IP related agreements including:
    • Material Transfer Agreements
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Industrial Contracts
    • Collaborative Research Agreements
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Teaming Agreements

Office of Research Compliance

The office is responsible for ensuring research integrity and compliance with federal, state and UTPA policies and procedures. The office drafts, reviews, negotiates and executes all agreements related to the various aspects of research administration. The office also offers educational programs, guides faculty and staff, facilitates and manages the approval process for research related protocols for compliance.