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How to Apply - International Student

The application for admission is available online at or at the “Apply Now” icon on this website. Each graduate program establishes its own admission standards in consultation with the University Graduate Council and may require additional documents (i.e. recommendation letters). These additional documents, if any, will be listed on the application and may be submitted electronically or be sent directly to the college or department that houses the program as indicated.


Applicants must submit all application documents and meet all other requirements by the published deadline date for the semester to which they are applying in order to be considered for admission. Note: Priority deadlines have been established that allow ample time for the application review to be completed before the first day of registration.

Please note that some programs have established deadlines that are earlier than those of the Graduate Office. In some cases, programs have rolling admissions dates. Review the program instructions before beginning the application process.

Admission Categories

Students are accepted on Clear or a Conditional status basis, based on their undergraduate GPA and/or additional requirements. For more information refer to Admission Categories.

Offers of Admission to the Graduate School

Official admission offers will be made only by the Office of Graduate Studies and are valid only for the semester requested on the application. Through the Online Application Web site, you will be able to view the status of your application.

Students who are accepted but do not attend the semester requested on the application must submit an application for readmission to enroll for a later semester. An additional application fee will be charged if the student reapplies more than one year from the semester originally requested. (Re-applying link)

Application, Transcripts and Fees

International Student

An applicant is considered an international student if he or she is not a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien. Applicants who have permanent resident alien status do not apply as international students.

All required documents must be on file in the Graduate School by the published Office of Graduate Studies application deadline and for ASSIST telephone/Campus Pipeline/Web registration. International students must submit the following to the Graduate Studies office (see Important Contact Information at the bottom of this page) in order for the applicant to be considered for admission.

Individual graduate degree programs may require additional documents. The applicant is responsible for submitting any additional documents directly to the graduate program. Refer to the Graduate Programs Web page for additional document requirements and submission instructions.

  • Online Application: The application to UTPA’s graduate programs can be completed online at or at the “Apply Now” link on this website.
  • Application Fee: The University application fee of $50 can be paid online by credit card or electronic check (in the online application). All application fees are non-refundable.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores. Please see TOEFL page or IELTS page.
  • English Translation of Educational Records: In addition to the official transcripts required for admission, an English translation must be included to allow for accurate interpretations.
  • Evaluation of Educational Records: In addition to providing a translated transcript, students must have their transcript(s) evaluated by Foreign Credentials Service of American (FCSA). Click here for the FCSA application. Additional information is available at or (512) 459-8428. Please note: the following policy concerning evaluation of transcript(s) was updated on February 27, 2008.

*Students may send copies of their transcript(s) directly to FCSA. The student must bring the original transcript to the Office of Graduate Studies and a copy will be made to be placed in the student’s file.

Official Transcripts must be submitted before the following deadlines:
Deadlines to submit original transcripts:
Admitted for Fall                              October 15th
Admitted for Spring                         March 1st
Admitted for Summer 1                  July 8th
Admitted for Summer 2                  August 25th
Deadlines to submit original transcripts (with degree conferred):
Students graduating in Fall                           March 1st
Students graduating in Spring                      July 8th
Students graduating in Summer 1               August 24th
Students graduating in Summer 2               October 15th
Students not complying with this requirement will not be able to register for future semesters.

Failure to submit a complete/correct application and official transcripts from all institutions attended will result in one of the following: rejection of application, withdrawal of admission offer or disciplinary action including expulsion if the student is enrolled.

All submitted documents become the property of UTPA and will not be returned. Admission documents will remain on file for one year if the applicant does not attend the University. Documents will be retained for seven years for students enrolled in a master’s level program and for ten years for students enrolled in a doctoral program. Please review the Student File Retention Schedule for more details.

Financial documentation

In accordance with immigration regulations, all international students are required to submit to the Office of Graduate Studies documentation showing sufficient funds (minimum of $25,000 subject to change) to cover all expenses (living and academic) for the first year of study.

  • Documentation must be in the form of letters from the bank or of statements showing specific dollar amounts available. These documents are not valid unless dated within three months of the date of acceptance.
  • If funds that are from a source other than the applicant or their immediate family, the sponsor must submit a letter of support, state the amount of funding pledged, and attaches copies of recent bank statements.
  • These documents are not valid unless dated within three months of the date of acceptance.
  • If you have been offered a scholarship you will need to provide documentation and dollar amount of the scholarship to our office.
  • If you have been offered an assistantship by the university you will need to provide documentation and dollar amount of the assistantship to our office.
  • Mexican nationals may also apply for the Mexican Non-Resident Tuition Waiver and provide all financial documentation that it requires (see the OIAS for application or download form).

For more information about financial documentation and immigration documents please contact

Office of International Admissions and Services (OIAS)

LAC Room 156, 1201 W. University Drive

Edinburg, TX 78541-2999

Phone 956.665.2922 • Fax 956.665.2281

E-mail: • Website:

Please make sure to review the specific program requirements and deadlines here.