Office of Graduate Studies

Scholastic Probation and Suspension

Scholastic Probation and Suspension — Graduate

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher after each semester. The following policy concerning scholastic probation and suspension can be found in the Graduate Catalog, p. 47.

A minimum grade point average overall (cumulative) of 3.0 (“B”) is required for a graduate degree. Every semester hour of “C,” must be balanced by one of “A,” since an overall average of “B” is required for a degree. Should graduate or doctoral students make less than a “B” average (3.0 GPA) in a given semester, they will be placed on scholastic probation. During the following semester or summer session, they must recoup an overall “B” average or be automatically suspended. Students may be readmitted only after petitioning the dean of the college and receiving approval from the dean and the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies. Master’s students with other than clear admission are subject to criteria set forth under the sections on “probationary” and “tentative” admission on page 20, respectively.

NOTE: Students are advised to refer to the sections, “Financial Aid Probation” and “Financial Aid Suspension” on p. 35 of the Graduate Catalog to determine the impact on their financial aid. Students may also check with the financial aid office directly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students are responsible for knowing whether they are eligible to continue at the University. An ineligible student who nevertheless registers, or has registered prior to completion of the semester in which academic standing is determined, shall be dropped and cannot attend classes. Refund of payment for any classes dropped due to ineligibility to continue will be determined by the University schedule for such refunds. Students shall not receive special consideration for lack of knowledge of scholastic status, regardless of whether the student registered and paid fees.