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Teaching Academy Boot Camp (August 12 - 15, 2014)


Check out our latest video with Dr. Christopher Smith, Associate Professor for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, to see what’s in store for you at this year’s Teaching Academy Boot Camp. Here is the YouTube link.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Michelle Mendoza invites you to attend this year’s Teaching Academy Boot Camp, where you’ll get the tools you need to be a successful teaching assistant. Here is the YouTube link:

Check out our latest video with Edgar Gonzalez, Director of Distance Education, to see what’s in store for you at this year’s Teaching Academy Boot Camp. Here is the YouTube link:  

Former Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sarah Stegall invites you to our Teaching Academy Boot Camp, where you’ll learn and develop the skills you need to be a great Graduate Teaching Assistant. Here is the YouTube link:  

Maria Elena Valdes from the Wellness and Recreational Sports Center (WRSC) invites you to join us for our annual Teaching Academy Boot Camp. You’ll not only learn powerful teaching philosophies, but you also learn some useful stress reduction and breathing tips. Here is the YouTube link:   



Navigating Group Work Relations (September 24th, 2013)







Teaching Academy BootCamp 2013 Materials



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Teaching Academy Day 2






Teaching Academy Day 3







Leadership for Positive Change Spring 2013

April 30th 2013 Student Leadership Academy

Erica Lopez, Assistant Director, UTPA- Office of Student Involvement, provided an interactive session with attendees offering up information about the benefits of UTPA Student Leadership Academy (SLA) for graduate students. Student testimonials about their experiences in SLA, allowed an insight into the resonating impact that an organization of this type can make upon each member. Each member of the SLA receives a certificate of completion (rate is flexible) and can then list this item on their respective Curriculum Vitae or resume. Door prizes and lively activities made for an afternoon of engagement with colleagues and staff. Teaching Academy workshops are held once a month on Tuesdays during the lunch hour. Lunch is provided along with an information packet for the event. For information about future Teaching Academy workshops, visit our website or call 956-665-3015.

April 2013 Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy will be providing an interactive workshop detailing the resources that it has to offer for the effectiveness of future leaders. These opportunities will help in developing students’ personal and professional skills.

For information on this and other workshops provided by the UTPA Graduate School and Teaching Academy please go to or call 956-665-3015.

March 2013 Developing Group Work and Rubrics

In this workshop, Dr. Chris Smith of the Chemistry Dept provided a template of how to develop group work projects and rubrics. Dr. Smith opened the session with a couple of engaging activities that enabled the participants to act and function as a group. Smith identified various roles within a group and how to maximize upon the strengths. The rubrics section was particularly enlightening to the group; focusing first on the importance of a rubric prior to grading.

Click here to download Developing Group Work and Rubrics presentation


February 2013 Technology in the Classroom

UTPA's Center for Online Learning, Teaching & Technology provided an interactive workshop that gave attendees an opportunity to build a Black Board course in real time. COLT representative, Jessica Sanchez provided one-on-one instruction and assistance for this highly interactive workshop. Students were provided with beneficial information concerning the various BB capabilities and how to access and apply them. 


November Teaching Academy Meeting

The November teaching academy brought together members of the Center for Online Learning, Teaching and Technology and UTPA faculty members who regularly use SecondLife as part of their curriculum. Graduate students saw firsthand how this tool enables professors to connect with students on new levels, and ways in which another dimension can be brought into a course.

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