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Levels and Curriculum

Course Levels

The English Language Institute offers five intensive (eight week) English programs every year. Ten levels of English are available from Basic to High Advanced. Also, a 3 week Special Summer Program is offered for students 18 years or older.




The ELI teaches grammar as a foundation for communication.

Listening and Speaking

Conversation, discussion and structured listening practice help students gain confidence speaking and understanding English in everyday situations.

Reading and Writing

Students improve their ability to read and remember more, as well as learn how to write paragraphs, compositions and research papers for academic purposes.

Vocabulary and Idioms

The ELI teaches students the words needed to communicate clearly. Learning idioms helps students express themselves naturally in English.

Academic Preparation

The High Advanced levels teach important test-taking strategies and language skills such as advanced grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills needed to succeed in an American university.

Additional Information


Language Laboratory

The ELI offers a variety of audio and video tapes that help students practice and improve their listening skills. Students use the laboratory all week with their instructor.


Student Grade Report

At the end of each term, the ELI sends all students a final evaluation of their performance in the program.


At the end of each term, students who successfully complete the requirements of the ELI receive a Certificate of Completion. Also, Students with Perfect Attendance receive a Certificate.


In order to gain admission to an American university, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required by most universities. The University of Texas-Pan American offers the TOEFL test several times a year.

For further information visit the University Testing Center Web site or contact them at (956) 665-7584 or (956)665-7585.