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Spring 2013

EDUL 6388.01:
Socio-Cultrl Foundn Ed
Eliseo Ruiz
Monday 5:00 PM-7:30 PM
Fall, Spring, Summer Identification and analysis of cultural forces that ultimately shape the direction of modern American education with emphasis upon the purposes of education in their social and cultural contexts. An emphasis on the multicultural factors in society that affect the public schools and their influence upon learning and the acquisition of skills important to survival and self-fulfillment will be made. Particular emphasis will be placed upon understanding the culture of the Mexican-American child.
EDUL 6392.01:
Community Relations
Jerry Lowe
Monday 7:40PM-10:10PM
Fall, Spring, Summer Examination of the relationships between the school and its internal and external constituencies.
EDUL 6335.02:
Leadership for Success. Schools
Dolores Muñoz
Wednesday 5:00PM - 7:30PM
The course builds on the literature on school and community change and practices that work well in a local and regional context of change. This course examines these relational processes as well as broader cultural and political realities that school leaders must understand in order to lead successful schools.
EDCI 6310.03:
Research Methods in Education
Thursday 5:45pm-8:25pm
This course will introduce the students to various research methods. Their application for elementary and secondary educators will be emphasized. A qualitative research paper and a quantitative proposal will be required. This course should be taken within the first nine hours of coursework. Cross-listed with ED 6300 and EDUL 6300.
EDUL 6370.2:
Supervision of Instruction
Maria Roberts
Thursday 5:00 PM - 7:30PM
As scheduled Fundamental problems of the supervision of instruction in public schools; the nature and organization of supervision, supervisory plans and principles; effect of recent educational practices upon supervision; duties, relationships and training of supervisory officials; standards for judging teachers, methods of improving instruction; case studies in supervision; the use of conferences, teachers' meeting, demonstration teaching, visitation and research studies as supervisory agencies; and certification in the Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS). Prerequisite: EDUL 6334
EDUL 6389.02:
Adm Orgn Sch Bus Serv
Roberto Zamora
Thursday 7:40pm-10:10pm
Fall, Spring, Summer Principles and procedures of developing and managing a sound financial plan for local school districts with emphasis upon Texas Education Agency financial and accounting procedures. Emphasis upon school law, taxation, property management and maintenance, school transportation and management of business personnel.
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