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Graduate Courses for Public Managers

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Spring 2013

PUBA 6306.01:
Past, Present and Future
William L. Turk
Thursday 07:10 pm-09:55 pm
A comprehensive review of the major eras of public administration during the 20th century. An in-depth look at public administration In the first decade of the 21st century. A futurist look at reasonable expectations of public administration during the next few decades
PUBA 6307.01:
The Politics of Scarcity
Aziza Zemrani
Thursday 04:30 pm-07:00 pm
An examination of the major public policy issues and theories involved in crisis areas of poverty, declining natural resources, arable land, water and food inadequate supplies; amidst government financial shortfalls, increasing population, and threaten environment.
PUBA 6304.01:
Intergovt Relations
John R. Milford
Wednesday 04:30 pm-07:00 pm
Analysis of political, administrative and fiscal relationships among governments in the American political system. The constitutional, historical, and pragmatic basis for federalism; national-state-local government relations and regional arrangements.
PUBA 6341.01:
Dec-Mkg Mgt Public Organ
Espiridion A. Borrego
Wednesday 07:10 pm-09:55 pm
The study of political leadership, its various styles and types. Emphasis on the skills, characteristics and situations that contribute to the development of political leadership and decision making.
PUBA 6342.01:
Bureaucracy/Organ Theory
Cynthia E. Lynch
Monday 04:30 pm-07:00 pm
The study of the various theories of organization and organizational behavior. An analysis of the theories and practices of governmental organization and functions.
PUBA 6312.01:
Policy & Policy Eval
Aziza Zemrani
Tuesday 04:30 pm-07:00 pm
An advanced course with the application of quantitative methods to the evaluation of public policies and programs regarding their implementation.
PUBA 6321.01:
Public Personnel Admin
Espiridion A. Borrego
Tuesday 07:10 pm-09:55 pm
Analysis of the major personnel management problems and issues in government. The recruitment, selection, development, advancement and evaluation of personnel will be examined. Employee-employer relations, affirmative action, collective bargaining and interpersonal and ethical relationships will be studied.
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