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Library Laptop Lending Service

Getting Help

For questions about the UTPA University Library's Laptop Lending Service, you may contact the Reserve Desk at (956) 665-3304. Questions about access to the Internet, the Library Information System, or the laptop hardware or software should be directed to the Library Systems department at (956) 665-7116.

Laptops left unattended may be taken to Media Services Desk by the staff.

The cost of the laptop is $1,275 if the entire unit is damaged or not returned. Damages to equipment or peripherals will be based on cost of replacement or repair. These charges will be subject to the same collection procedures that are used for fines or fees for damaged or lost Library materials.

Wireless laptop computers are available for in-building use by current students, faculty, and staff of UTPA. The laptops may be used almost anywhere in the Library. Our wireless laptops print to the printer at the 3rd floor service desk. Laptops have Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

These laptops are intended for university-related use, in accordance with UTPA's Computer and Network User Policy.

Borrowing Procedures

Laptops may be borrowed from the Reserve Desk, 3rd floor, of the University Library. Borrowers will be asked to sign a Loan Agreement accepting responsibility for any loss or damage to the laptop computer. Costs of repair or replacement attributable to a borrower will be charged to that borrower.

Laptops will not be loaned if there is a delinquent charge on borrower's record for a laptop, camcorder, or digital camera previously borrowed. Only one laptop computer, digital camera, or other piece of electronic equipment may be checked out at a time.

Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Current students, faculty, and staff who have a University ID card which has been bar coded by the Library may check out laptops for in-building use for a 4 hour period, on a first-come, first served basis. The student, faculty, or staff member must be in the University's database as a current student, faculty, or staff member.

All in-house use laptops are due back no later than one hour before the Library closes. Laptop computers stop circulating 1 hour before the Library closes.

Fines and Charges

Overdue laptops will accrue fines at the rate of $4.00 per hour for new laptops, $2.00 per hour for old laptops. There is no grace period and no maximum fine. There is a replacement charge for damage to the laptop and/or peripherals of up to $1,275.

Hints for Laptop Use

While laptop computers are made to withstand the rigors of portable use, they are delicate electronic equipment and require certain care to insure proper operation. The following guidelines are provided to help you get the most from your use of a laptop computer.

  • The computer should be placed in its collapsed or folded position any time that it is to be moved.
  • Do not plug in or unplug an external device, such as a mouse, unless the computer and the external devices are turned off.
  • Since the laptop computer contains a magnetic hard disk, do not expose it to any magnetic fields that could damage the contents of the hard disk.
  • To ensure your privacy, remove all stored files from the computer before returning it. The Library is not responsible for any files remaining on the computer once it is returned to the Library. For maintenance purposes, the hard disks will be periodically restored.
  • Use virus checking software to check your floppy disks to keep viruses from spreading to other users and to your files.


DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave laptop computers or any valuables unattended in the Library. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops, personal computers, their components, or any other items.