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Posted: 11/27/13
New Faculty Reception

The UTPA Library hosted a reception for new faculty members on November 5th and November 7th.

Library staff discussed the library services available to faculty, including reserves, interlibrary loan, and research assistance. The faculty also learned about the different departments of the library. Staff from many areas of the library were on-hand to discuss how their units work with faculty to ensure that faculty get the materials they need for their teaching and scholarship.

Faculty from across the university attended, and a great time was had by faculty and librarians alike.

To learn more about our services available for faculty, please see the Resources for Faculty subject guide.

Posted: 08/22/13
“Patent Basics” workshop!

The Library’s online workshop series, “Copyright & Patents 101,” continues in January! This series consists of two 5-week sections, one on copyright and the second on patents. Registration for the second session, “Patent Basics,” is now closed. This workshop session will take place from January 28 until March 4, 2014.

About Copyright & Fair Use: Over five weeks, students learn the basics about copyright law and how to apply fair use in their work, an essential skill for teaching as well as when writing theses, articles, and books. Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be able to accurately describe criteria for what is and is not protected, identify the exclusive rights of owners, explain how ownership is established, and articulate when the fair use exception is and is not applicable in a given situation. These workshops are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

About Patent Basics: In this five week section, students learn basic information about patents, knowledge which is especially relevant to those with careers in science, technology, engineering, and medical fields. Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be able to accurately describe criteria for what may be patented, explain patent holder rights, recognize & understand specialized patent documentation, and articulate the limitations associated with using the patents of others in their own research.

For more information please visit the workshop website:

Posted: 07/11/13
Salud en Español database is now available

The Salud en Español database can be found in the Articles and Databes page or directly under Health and Medicine.  This database provides health and medical information for a patient in Spanish.