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Interlibrary Loan
The InterLibrary Loan Office is located just to the north of the elevator. Material not available in this library may be requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL.) You may fill out a form in the ILL office, at the reference desk, or online. This service is provided only for UTPA faculty, staff, students, and members of the Friends of the Library. Allow two weeks, or more, for arrival of material.

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Media (Audiovisuals)
The library contains a large collection of audiovisual materials, such as VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc, including materials required for classes, as well as the AFI's 100 greatest American movies of all time.  Media is catalogued by call number order and can be found through the online catalog.  Media may be checked out for up to three days; equipment is also provided for in-house use.

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Reserve Room
Materials for class assignments are placed on reserve by faculty and teaching assistants. Checkout time for reserve materials varies from two hours to a number of days. Charge for overdue material is $.50 per hour, or any part of the day. Reserve material is listed in the online catalog and can be found by course title or by instructor's name.

The library also has laptop computers and digital cameras that can be checked out.  The overdue fine for these materials is a charge for any part of an hour past the due time.

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Service Desk
Library personnel are always available at the service desk to answer your questions. If you need assistance using the microform equipment, using media, etc., ask at the service desk.

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Microform reader/printers
Reader/printers are available to make reproductions of articles on microfilm reel or microfiche. These printers are self-serve, but you may ask at the Service Desk if you need assistance. The charge is $.20 per page, debit cards are no longer accepted.

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Microfiche Collection
Periodicals on microfiche are arranged alphabetically by title in self-serve cabinets. Journals and newspapers on microfilm are shelved alphabetically by title. Census data, journals, and books reproduced on microfilm are also available. Microfilm boxes are labeled with titles and dates. Microfiche should be returned in the baskets placed on top of the cabinets or by the reader/printers. Please do not reshelve the microfiche.

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Study Area, Seminar and Conference Room
Seminar and Conference rooms are available by reservation for faculty or staff.

These rooms are reserved by the Administration office.

Two group study rooms are found along the south side of the third floor, and are available to students of 3 or more on a first-come basis. The room can be used by an individual as long as there is not a request for group studies. Library staff can ask individual to leave the room when there is a group study request. For more information on Group Study Rooms click here.

Note: we do not reserve the IGNU room.

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Border Studies Archive
The Border Studies Archive houses collections focused on the folklore, histories and lives of people living along the U.S.-Mexican border in South Texas. Our collections include aural, material and visual documentation.

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Assistance to the Physically Disabled
A Kurzweil machine for the visually challenged, and a TDD system (access via telephone) for the hearing challenged are available on the 3rd floor.  Inquire at the Service Desk on the 3rd floor for arrangements to use this equipment.  Designated restrooms have been enlarged to accommodate wheelchairs, and specific tables and desks in the Reference Room and in the library classrooms are also designated for patrons in wheelchairs. The Reference Room on the 2nd floor of the library has JAWS screen reading software and scanner, large monitors, Sorenson VRS (Video Relay Service) and a ball mouse for use.

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Circulating books are housed on the third and fourth floors. BOOKS ARE IN CALL NUMBER ORDER. PLEASE DO NOT RESHELVE.

General Book Collection

Books are arranged by the Library of Congress Classification System. This is an alphanumeric classification, which means that it begins with a letter of the alphabet and continues with a number. Example of a call number:

HV [major topic]
4708 [subtopic]
.R43 [author]
1994 [publication date]

Books on the third floor have call numbers HF through PR.  Books with call numbers A (general works) through HE are on the second floor. Books with call numbers PS through Z (library science) are on the fourth floor.

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