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Use of Group Study Rooms

Study rooms are available on the 4th floor on a first come, first serve basis. Groups of three or more will be given preference over a single individual. At the request from a group of three or more, a single individual will be asked, at any time, to vacate a room for the group to use.

Study rooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor by reservation only. Visit our Room Reservation page for more information.

Each study room has a whiteboard or a Smart Board. No outside markers can be used on whiteboards or Smart Boards. Items needed for boards are available at the 3rd floor service desk with proper ID. You are responsible to damages on Smart Board, whiteboard, or equipment.

One individual cannot be left in a room to save it while other group members leave the Library. Individuals cannot leave their belongings in a study room unattended. If this occurs, library staff will remove the belongings from the room. The removed items will be taken to the Circulation department and held there until they are claimed. Items not claimed will be turned over to the campus police.

If there are complaints about excessive noise in a study room, library staff will approach the group and ask them to please keep the noise down. If they do not comply they will be asked to leave the Library.

Any refusal to comply with any of these policies will result in campus police being asked to intervene and a report may be sent to the Dean of Student for disciplinary action.