Office of International Programs


    Getting Started

   1. Fall in love
    Visit the Office of International Programs, or explore our website. Review the study abroad list
    and locations and fall in love with one of the possiblities for Studying Abroad.

   2. Check for holds
    Check if you have any holds on your student records. If you have, resolve them before submitting anything.
    If you have a hold, OIP won't be able to process any of your information until you are cleared.

   3. Paper work
    Complete the application, download the student waiver and participation form. Once this is gathered submit everything
    to our Office.

You can find all applications and forms here.

   4. Meet & Greet
    Get ready to greet your advisor. Our advisors will gladly guide and help you through the application process.
    Don't forget the International Education Scholarship application--your advisor can help you with the process.
    Come meet us!

   5. Attend the Mandatory Orientation
   Mandatory orientation meetings are held for your benefit. Two mandatory orientations are held detailing
   very valuable information on Health/Risk, financial aid, and travel safety tips.
   We do our best to hold these meetings during the activity hour on Tuesday and Thursday--check our website for the dates.

   6. Don't forget deadlines!
     Always be on the alert for deadlines. Application, Program cost, Scholarship deadlines are important---check our
     website for these dates. 
You can find the listing of the deadlines here.

   7. Passports & Visas
Start applying for your PASSPORT. Obtain information, Application Forms and other Requirements.
    Obtain visa information from Consulates & Embassies.

   8. Budgeting
    Plan your budget. There are several ways to pay your program. Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fund Raising activities and
    sponsorships, Americorps, Veteran's Administration.



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