Cooperative Pharmacy Program
October 24, 2016

Application Process and Forms

The following documents provide all of the information necessary to apply to the CPP. Hard-copy application packets will not be distributed. Typed applications are preferred as information that is illegible will not be considered. To view and download a document, double click on the words below. 

Applicant Review, Interviews, and Admission Decisions

All complete applications received by the deadlines will be afforded full consideration by the Admissions Committee.  Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

All application materials are utilized to determine which applicants will be offered interviews.  Interviews are a required component of the application process and will be held on the UTPA campus.  After all interviews have been completed, the Admissions Committee will be convened. 

The CPP will communicate offers of admission to high school applicants.  High school applicants may be provided with the option of being placed on a wait list.  This is not a guarantee of admissions.  Students who accept this option will only be contacted if a space within the class becomes available. 

Transitional applicants are applying to the UT Austin COP, and as such, the admissions process is identical to students applying through general admissions.  Applicants accepted into the CPP transitional pathway will receive a communication from UT Austin COP.

Program Requirements for Accepted Students

Each applicant accepted into the CPP will be required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which is a document that describes all of the program requirements.  Requirements include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Participation in all CPP events;
  • Maintenance of full-time enrollment status and good academic standing;
  • Remain free from federal or state violations;
  • Maintenance of Math, Science, and English (MSE) GPA requirements;
  • Continual demonstration of professionalism;
  • Completion of all UTA CoP admission requirements;
  • Completion of third and fourth years of the pharmacy curriculum at UTPA;
  • Participation in community service or other volunteer activities;
  • Pharmacy work experience (volunteer or employment);
  • PCAT scores.
The CPP is just one of several methods for pursuing a pharmacy education, thus applicants are encouraged to review program requirements carefully before applying. The CPP required timeline for the completion of pharmacy pre-requisites may not be suitable for all student learners. The CPP does not offer a Bachelor of Science degree prior to matriculating to Austin.
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