September 30, 2016

Professional Sequence
(Admission to the program required)

CLSC 3530 Clinical Microbiology I 5
CLSC 3310 Hematology I 3
CLSC 3513 Clinical Immun/Immunohem 5
CLSC 3420 Clinical Chemistry I 4
CLSC 3100 Introduction to Clinical Lab Science 1    
CLSC 4411 Clinical Hematology II 4
CLSC 4521 Clinical Chemistry II 5
CLSC 4314 Adv. Immunohematology 3
CLSC 4631 Clinical Microbiology II 6    
Summer I    
CLSC 4303 Med Lab Leadership 3
CLSC 4340 Clinical Practicum I 3    
Summer II    
CLSC 4341 Clinical Practicum II 3
CLSC 4342 Clinical Practicum III 3
CLSC 4343 Clinical Practicum IV 3
CLSC 4144 Clinical Practicum V 1
CLSC 4100 Seminar & Molecular Diagnostics 1
CLSC 4315 Advanced Immunology 3
CLSC 4122 Method Development & Research 1    

The professional program begins each fall semester and lasts for 16 months.


Medical Laboratory Technicians with nationally recognized certification may be granted credit for the Junior level CLSC courses following validation by challenge exam. A limited number of students who have completed all prerequisite coursework may apply to the program with a request to pursue coursework on a part-time basis. Students in the part-time option will be admitted on a space available basis. No clinical laboratory science courses older than five years may be used to meet graduation requirements. Students seeking more information regarding the part-time option or advanced placement opportunities should contact the Department.



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