October 23, 2016

Essential Functions or Technical Standards

In compliance with the ADA, the Clinical Laboratory Science Program provides the following information to aid the applicant/student to determine whether reasonable accommodations are necessary. Admission is not based on these standards.




Visual Visual ability sufficient to differentiate colors, identify structures microscopically and read written materials
  1. Identify cells and other microscopic structures.
  2. Observe patients during phlebotomy.
  3. Read specimen labels and procedure manuals.
Motor Skills Gross and fine motor skills necessary to manipulate laboratory instruments and equipment consistent with standards of medical laboratory practice.
  1. Draw blood from patients
  2. Lift and operate hand-held tools.
  3. Operate analytic instruments.
Communication Skills Skills adequate for transmitting information to and from patients and other health professional.
  1. Give instructions to patients and other healthcare personnel
  2. Transmit results.
Critical Thinking Intellectual attributes sufficient for clinical decision making in emergency medical situations.
  1. Identify unacceptable results and take appropriate action.
  2. Locate sources of error

NOTE: For further information or clarification, please contact the Program Director or an instructor.


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