September 30, 2016


Admission Requirements

Students should complete all prerequisite coursework prior to entrance into the program. 
Students who are lacking no more than two non-science prerequisite courses may be considered for admission if they have at least a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. 
Preference is given to students who have completed all prerequisite coursework. 
The pre-professional curriculum is composed of 66 semester hours of general education requirements, including:
     1.  12 hours in biology including anatomy and physiology and general biology
     2.  CLSC2429 ( a microbiology course)
     3.  12 hours in chemistry including organic or biochemistry
     4.  Statistics
Other Requirements:
Successful completion of a criminal background check is required for full admission into the clinical laboratory science program. Additional information may be found on the College of Health Science and Human Services website. Students will also be required to submit a physical examination form once they are admitted to the program. This must document that they have the required immunizations or proof of immunity including measles, mumps, tetanus/diphtheria, rubella, and the hepatitis B vaccine.
Applicants who plan to utilize coursework more than seven years old in the areas of general chemistry or the biological sciences will be required to demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge in these areas. This may be accomplished by completion of at least one formal course in chemistry and one formal course in the biological sciences within the last five years with a grade of at least a C or one year of relevant experience in the field of clinical laboratory science within the last five years.
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