Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum scores that are required for the SAT/ACT?

    The selection committee reviews all applications, and looks at the critical reading and math combined score. We expect students to score 1200 or higher on these two sections.

  2. What degree plan should the applicant put on his/her Apply TX application?

    Any major in Sciences or Premed.

  3. What is the GPA requirement to be accepted in the APT Program?

    There is no minimum GPA requirement but class rank is more heavily weighted. However we do expect applicants to have an 85% or greater GPA on a 100 grade point scale.

  4. What are the tuition and fees including boarding?

    The estimated cost of attendance with boarding for any UTPA student is about $15,000/year. If you need more information please visit “Student Financial Services” at UTPA website

  5. Is the program only for first time college students?


  6. Can the student be accepted into the program, even though, they went through dual enrollment and might already come in with an associate degree from a community college?

    The program will accept dual/concurrent enrollment and AP credits but some key courses of the APT program curriculum will have to be completed at UTPA. The applicant must be an incoming freshman for the fall semester of the academic year-1.

  7. Does the APT program have an age requirement?

    You will have to be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the clinical preceptorship of the APT program. The preceptorship is likely to begin in the spring semester of year-1.

  8. Does the applicant need to be a US citizen or TX resident?


  9. If the student sent the HS transcript to UTPA Admissions office, will they need to send it to the APT Program too?

    Yes; you can request your school registrar or counselor to send an official transcript to the APT Program.

  10. Should letters of recommendation be official?

    Recommendation letter must be written on the “official letterhead” be it from school, hospital, doctor’s office or any other organization and must be signed.