Dr. Kenneth Buckman

Director and Piper Professor

Guerra Honors Program, UTPA

Dr. Ken Buckman is a Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Guerra Honors Program at the University of Texas Pan American is a Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D. Southern Illinois University—Carbondale 1990 and the former President of the Texas Faculty Association. Dr. Buckman has participated in the Harvard LLI since 2011. From 2011 – 2014 Dr. Buckman was Associate Provost of the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning for the following programs and offices at the University of Texas Pan American: the Guerra Honors Program, the Office of International Programs, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Service Learning, the Archer Fellowship Program, the Coca Cola First Scholars program, the Harvard Latino Leadership Initiative, and the National Student Exchange. He was the President of the Great Plains Honors Council (2011 – 2012) and the President of the Texas Faculty Association (2008 – 2012). Dr. Buckman held the position of the Director of the Guerra Honors Program at the University of Texas-Pan American from 2007 – 2011. His awards include: The Minnie Steven’s Piper Award, the Regent’s Outstanding Teaching Award for the University of Texas System, Student Leadership Program Mentor of the Year for 2004-2005, Recipient Outstanding Faculty Award in Achievement, College of Arts and Humanities, 2002, Provost’s Award for International Studies, 2007, and the a two time Chancellor’s Award winner for excellence in teaching at UTPA He was also a nominee for the Minnie Stevens Piper Award, 1999-2000 and 2008-2009. Dr. Buckman received the Lone Star Emmy for “The Heart of Experience” 2009, Co-Producer “The Heart of Experience” Communicator Award of Distinction from the International Academy of the Visual Arts in NY 2009, for a documentary on the Honors Study Abroad experience. Recently, Dr. Buckman had Two Book chapters: "Hume's World of Taste," and "Kant and the Disinterestedness of Beauty," 2010 published in The Beautiful, the Sublime, and the Grotesque: The Subjective Turn in Aesthetics from the Enlightenment to the Present, Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd., London and an article published in NEA’s Thought and Action, “What Counts as Assessment in the 21st Century,” 2007.