Marketing Vienna, Prague and Budapest

The Guerra Honors Program Study Abroad for 2014 is an embrace of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. Home of the Hapsburg Empire (for three hundred years), Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Strauss Waltzes, Gustav Klimt and the Secession Movement, Vienna remains one of the most important cities on the continent of Europe. In the Middle Ages Prague was the seat of the Holy Roman Emperor and the most magnificent city in Europe, eclipsing Paris, London, and Rome. It retains that charm today, but was also the home of the brooding Franz Kafka. A visit to the Nazi Concentration camp of Theresienstadt is on the agenda during our stay. The capital of Hungary is situated along the Danube, in the heart of the Carpathian basin. Budapest remains a glittering fairytale of a city in beautiful display from the Fisherman's Bastion by the Mátyás Church. Arts, culture, modernity and history await our next study abroad cohort. We seek travelers and not tourists. The timeline for the trip is May 11 - June 1. Information on eligibility and coursework is available on the Guerra Honors Program web page.