Division of Academic Affairs
October 01, 2016
Division of Academic Affairs
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Dr. Havidán Rodríguez photo

Dr. Havidán Rodríguez
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Email: havidan@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2111, Fax: 956-665-2114

Office of the Provost

Ms. Nina Young
Asst. Provost for Academic Administration
Email: nyoung@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2111, Fax: 956-665-2114

Ms. Marcy DeLeon's photo

Ms. Marcy DeLeon
Academic Budget Officer
Email: mideleon@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-7206, Fax: 956-665-2114

Dr. Janice Maville

Dr. Janice Maville
Special Assistant to the Provost
Email: jmaville@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2111, Fax: 956-665-2114

Ms. Melba Sotelo photo

Ms. Melba Sotelo
Senior Administrative Associate
Email: sotelom@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-7943, Fax: 956-665-2114

Ms. Yvonne Garza photo

Ms. Yvonne Garza
Administrative Associate
Email: garzay@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-3675, Fax: 956-665-2114

Ms. Irene Fernandez photo

Ms. Irene Fernandez
Office Assistant III
Phone: 956-665-2111, Fax: 956-665-2114

Ms. Lisa G. Smith

Ms. Lisa G. Smith
Administrative Coordinator
Email: lcgonzalesz@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-7098, Fax: 956-665-2114

Vice & Associate Provosts
Dr. Kristin Croyle photo

Dr. Kristin Croyle
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Email: kcroyle@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-7919, Fax: 956-665-7211

Not available photo

Dr. Cynthia Brown
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Academic Centers & Continuing Education
Email: cjbrown@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-3661, Fax: 956-665-2863

Dr. Sadiq Shah photo

Dr. Sadiq Shah
Vice Provost for Research & Sponsored Projects
Email: sadiq@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-3204, Fax: 956-665-2940


Not Available photo

Dr. Ala Qubbaj
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Email: qubbaj@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-3686, Fax: 956-665-2540

Dr. Kenneth Buckman photo

Dr. Kenneth Buckman
Associate Provost for Student Engagement & Experiential Learning
Email: buckman@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2341,  Fax: 956-665-2540

College Deans
Dr. Dahlia Guerra photo

Dr. Dahlia Guerra
Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
Email: guerrad@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2175, Fax: 956-665-2177

Dr. Teofilo Ozuna photo

Dr. Teofilo Ozuna
Dean, College of Business Administration
Email: ozuna@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-5087, Fax: 956-665-3312

Dr. Salvador Hector Ochoa photo

Dr. Salvador Hector Ochoa
Dean, College of Education
Email: shochoa@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-3627, Fax: 956-665-2184

Dr. John Ronnau

Dr. John Ronnau
Dean, College of Health Sciences and Human Services
Email: ronnaujp@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2291, Fax: 956-665-5054

Dr. David Allen photo

Dr. David Allen
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Email: allendh@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2182, Fax: 956-665-2428

Dr. John M. Trant photo

Dr. John M. Trant
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
Email: trantjm@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-8726, Fax: 956-665-3067

Dr. Walter Diaz photo

Dr. Walter Diaz
Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Email: diazwr@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2424, Fax: 956-665-2180

Dr. Farzaneh Razzaghi photo

Dr. Farzaneh Razzaghi
Dean, University Library
Email: farzaneh@utpa.edu
Phone: 956-665-2755, Fax: 956-665-7045

Departmental Directors
Not Available photo

Mr. Edgar Gonzalez
Director, Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology
Email: edgar@utpa.edu



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