July 28, 2014

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Thesis / Dissertation

As an MPA student, you will have the option to formulate a Thesis or Research project. See the MPA Student HANDBOOK for more information on these tracks.

The Office of Graduate Studies also offers support to those graduate students who have chosen to formulate a Thesis. For thesis formatting information, upcoming workshops, submission deadlines and additional tools, click here. If you need assistance with the formatting or uploading of your thesis, you can also contact the Graduate Resource Center at 956-665-3015.

Below is a list of selected students who have conducted either a Thesis or Applied Research Grant with their research title.

  • Thesis: Esther G. Herrera, "Predicting College Success: An analysis of graduating students at the UTPA", 2012
  • Thesis: Krystal Estarei Garcia, "School Type and Student Achievement: Does school type affect student achievement in Hidalgo County, Texas?", 2012
  • Thesis: Nicholas Weimer, "The Culturally Adapted Public Administrator: How Accredited MPA Programs Are Preparing Administrators with Cultural Competency", 2011
  • Applied Research Grant Project: Rosario Benavides, "Fostering Hope in Starr County: The Role of Educational Attainment. Career Pathways and Housing Opportunities Model", 2011
  • Applied Research Grant Project: Judy Davila, "Talent Search Educational Program", 2011
  • Thesis: Froy Garza, "The U.S/Mexico Border Fence: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of the Immigration Policy," 2010
  • Applied Research Grant Project: Sarah Viranda, "Opening the Doors of College Access", 2009
  • Applied Research Grant Project: Erika G. Reyna, "Preparing San Juan: Resilience and Development", 2009
  • Thesis: Janie Melendez, "Medical Tourism: A Study of the Mexican Health Care System by Winter Texans," 2008
  • Thesis: Juan Carlos Crosby, "Performance Measurement and the Efficiency of Service Delivery between Mayor Council and Council Manager Forms of Local Government," 2008

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