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Master of Public Administration

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Course Descriptions


PUBA 3323 – Introduction to Public Administration
A survey of the theories and practices that form the foundation of public administration in the United States. Prerequisite for beginning graduate students who have no academic background in public administration or who have no practical experience in public service. Will not count for credit toward the 39 hours for the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree.
3.000 Credit Hours
3.000 Lecture hours


Core Courses


PUBA 6302 - Graduate Seminar in Public Administration
An introduction to the concepts, theories, literature, research and analytical methods of public administration. Required of all MPA graduate students.

3.000 Credit Hours
3.000 Lecture hours


PUBA 6305 - Problems in State and Local Government
 An analysis of the basic problems of American state and local government, with an emphasis on administrative problems and issues in state, county and local governments.


PUBA 6312 - Policy Implementation and Program Evaluation
An advanced course with the application of quantitative methods to the evaluation of public policies and programs regarding their implementation.


PUBA 6321 - Public Personnel Administration
 Analysis of the major personnel management problems and issues in government. The recruitment, selection, development, advancement and evaluation of personnel will be examined. Employee-employer relations, affirmative action, collective bargaining, and interpersonal and ethical relationships will be studied.


PUBA 6330 - Scope and Methods in Public Administration
Analytical methods, research techniques and models of inquiry in the study of public administration.


PUBA 6341 - Political Leadership: Decision Making and Management in Public Organizations
The study of political leadership, its various styles and types. Emphasis on the skills, characteristics and situations that contribute to the development of political leadership and decision making.


Designated Elective


PUBA 6303 - Ethics for Public Service
A study of the fundamental principles and duties related to ethical and professional expectations of public service managers and employees. Constitutional and legal values, accountability, bureaucratic discretion, and professionalism will be considered.

3.000 Credit Hours
3.000 Lecture hours


PUBA 6304 - Intergovernmental Relations
Analysis of political, administrative and fiscal relationships among governments in the American political system. The constitutional and theoretical basis for federalism; national-state-local government relations, and regional arrangements.

3.000 Credit Hours
3.000 Lecture hours



PUBA 6309 - Introduction to Planning
Introduction to planning theory and practice, basic planning methods, and the planning profession. Analysis of urban community and regional planning organizations and the social, economic, and political structure and functions that address economic and population growth problems.


PUBA 6311 - Formulation of Public Policy
An analysis of the impact of public policy on the political environment. Several policies will be studied and analyzed regarding their formulation and implementation.


PUBA 6320 - Public Finance Administration
Analysis of the formation, management and administration of fiscal policies at all levels of government in the United States. The budgeting process and the practice of resource allocation will be studied.


PUBA 6322 - Intro to Community Development
 Theory and practice of urban, community and regional development and analysis of the social, economic, and political organizations involved in community, economic and population growth problems.


PUBA 6323 - Management of Governmental Information Systems
A study of the theoretical assumptions, conceptual foundations, and design and implementation of computer based governmental information systems.



PUBA 6327 - Management of Non-Profit Organizations
Study of the management of non-profit organizations. Community based, not for profit, and non governmental (private) organization have grown and developed impressively in recent years providing a multitude of social and economic programs. These organizations and programs will be studied.


PUBA 6342 - Bureaucracy and Organizational Theory
The study of the various theories of organization and organizational behavior. An analysis of the theories and practices of governmental organization and functions.


PUBA 6361 - Directed Research
 Requires approval of supervising faculty member. Intensive research of a contemporary topic in public administration. A proposal, including appropriate time lines, will be submitted to and approved by the supervising faculty member. May be repeated once for credit if topic changes.

PUBA 6362 - Independent Study
Requires the approval of the supervising faculty member. Allows student to work independently on a specialized area. The student will submit a written plan, with outcomes and time lines which must be approved by the supervising faculty. May be repeated once for credit if topic changes. 

PUBA 6363 - Special Topics
 Intensive study of a specialized area of public administration or a selected topic in contemporary public management. May be repeated once for credit if topic changes.



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PUBA 6325 - Public Administration Internship
The practical public management experience through an arranged internship in a government or non-profit agency for one semester. Periodic seminars and supervisor-intern consultations will be held, with a final administrative report required. Prerequisite: Consent of director.


Thesis or Applied Research Grant Project


PUBA 7300, 7301 - Thesis
The thesis requires the student to carry out an individual research project under the direction and supervision of a graduate faculty member. The thesis will be defended publicly after it has been tentatively approved by the supervising instructor and two additional readers.


PUBA 7302, 7303 - Applied Research Grant Project
A problem-oriented and applied research grant project to fulfill the non-thesis option in the Master of Public Administration degree. The thesis or applied research grant project requires that the student work under the direction and supervision of a graduate faculty member. The student will prepare a prospectus to include a statement of the problem, research design, specification of data, questions to be answered and a representative bibliography, and submit it to the supervising instructor prior to registration. The thesis or the applied research grant project will be defended publicly after it has been tentatively approved by the supervising instructor and two additional readers.


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