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July 27, 2016

Undergraduate Program

The learning objectives for the students in criminal justice are to:

  • Develop knowledge of criminal justice theories and practices, and professional abilities to address criminal justice issues for crime control.
  • Gain a liberal arts education to help understand human behavior and cultural diversity, and follow ethically fair practices and integrative values to serve and live in a democratic society.
  • Develop abilities and skills to analyze crime and criminal justice issues in a disciplined and critical manner for policy-making and problem-solving.

Minor in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice minor requires the completion of 18 semester hours in criminal justice. Nine semester hours must be advanced. Criminal justice majors cannot minor in criminal justice.

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Major in Criminal Justice

For a Major in Criminal Justice, a student must complete:

  1. 43 Semester hours in General Education.
  2. 48 Semester hours in Criminal Justice.
  3. Semester hours in Sociology.
  4. The UTPA language proficiency requirement.
  5. 18 Semester hours in a minor chosen in a different department
  6. 120 Semester hours in total.

These requirements were revised effective Fall 2009.


Note: All students should have 51 semester hours of advanced (3000-4999) course work.

(For specific details about course work requirements see the degree plan and course descriptions included in the website.)

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