Our Mission

Bring the Stars to your own school


Take your tudents to the moons of Jupiter or explore the night sky and its constellations right on your campus with The University of Texas-Pa American Planetarium. Under the direction of the Department of Physics and Geology, the UTPA Planetarium is proud to offer a stellar journey through the universe from the confort and security of your own school for students at all grade levels with the Portable Planetarium.

Book the UTPA Portable Planetarium for your campus and create the schedule for the day with the many presentations we offer - from a 30-minute or hour-long odyssey. We cater the information in each presentation to the grade levels. In addition,we can project digital full-dome films and the complete night sky along with phases of the moon, constellations, or zoom into planets and deep space objects like nebulas and galaxies.

The traveling planetarium and UTPA staff will stay at your school all day and can accommodate at least 300-500 kids per day. The following is the capacity per presentation: 70 (Pre-k thru 2nd graders), 60 (3rd, 4th & 5th graders), or 50 middle/high/adults.

To set up the UTPA Portable Planetarium on your campus, the following location requirements are needed:

  • Must be indoors (no pavilions)
  • 14-foot high ceilings
  • 25 feet in diameter clearing
  • 2 functional electrical outlets

If you would like to bring the solar system to life for your future astronomers and scientists, please contact the UTPA Planetarium at (956) 665-7088 or via email at