Dr. Juan Gonzalez

Dr. Juan Gonzalez
Assistant Professor
Office: Physical Science Building 106
Phone: (956) 665-3523
Fax: (956) 665-2423


Dr. Juan Luis Gonzalez joined the Department of Physics and Geology in September of 2009 as an assistant professor. He received his undergraduate education in Geology (B.A.) and Oceanography (B.S.) from Humboldt State University in Northern California in 1986. He earned his graduate degrees in Earth Sciences, M.S. at Universidad EAFIT in his native country Colombia in 2000, and Ph.D. from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2008. His Ph.D. research explored climate & sea level connections over the last two thousand years, the study area was the Mississippi Delta. Upon completing his Ph.D. he stayed at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University as a Postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Gonzalez worked as a coastal geologist for the geologic survey of Colombia from 1987 to 1996, mainly along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia. He was an adjunct researcher at Universidad EAFIT from 1996 to 2000. His research interests are diverse and lie in the broad field of Quaternary geology and geomorphology: specific areas of interest include: Late Holocene and future sea-level change, coastal geomorphology and shoreline changes, the evolution of salt marshes and coastal tectonics. He also has a special interest in the fields of paleoclimatology and geoarchaeology. His work is largely field oriented. Dr. Gonzalez is an outdoor enthusiast, an active scuba diver, and enjoys outdoor photography.

Recent Publications

González, J.L., and Törnqvist, T.E., 2009. A new late Holocene sea level record from the Mississippi Delta: Evidence for a climate/sea level connection? Quaternary Science Reviews, 28: 1737-1749.