Minor in Physical Science


The minor in Physical Science requires eighteen (18) hours in the physical sciences, of which six (6) hours must be advanced.*

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Physical Science Core Courses (both required, 8 hours)*

Elective Courses (Choose one, 3 hours)

Advanced Required 3000 Level Courses (Choose one, 4 hours)

Advanced Required 4000 Level Courses (Choose one, 3 hours)

*Note: The natural science core requirements, for a minor in Physical Science, must be satisfied by a course sequence other than PSCI 1421/PSCI 1422.

Undergraduate Course Offering Schedule for Minor in Physical Science



Odd Year (ONLY) Even Year (ONLY)
Subject Course Title Fall Spring SSI SSII Fall Spring Fall Spring
GEOG 2313 Principles of Physical Geography X              
GEOL 3308 Intro to Geographic Information Systems   X            
GEOL 3401 Geomorphology   X            
GEOL 4309 Undergrad Research in Geoscience   X            
PSCI 1421 Physical Science I X X X          
PSCI 1422 Physical Science II X X   X        
PSCI 3310 Planet Earth & Its Place             X  
PSCI 3408 Survey of Physical Science         X      
PSCI 4311 Topics in Physical Science               X