Minor in Physics


The minor in Physics requires eighteen (18) hours in Physics, of which at least nine(9) hours must be advanced (level 3000 or 4000).

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Required Courses:

Undergraduate Course Offering Schedule for Minor in Physics



Odd Year (ONLY) Even Year (ONLY)
Subject Course Title Fall Spring SSI SSII Fall Spring Fall Spring
PHYS 1401 General Physics I X X X          
PHYS 1402 General Physics II X X   X        
PHYS 2401 Physics for Scientists & Engineers I X X X          
PHYS 2402 Physics for Scientists & Engineers II X X   X        
PHYS 3101 Junior Laboratory Research X X            
PHYS 4101 Senior Laboratory Research X X            
PHYS 3301 Electromagnetic Theory I         X      
PHYS 3303 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics             X  
PHYS 3305 Classical Mechanics             X  
PHYS 3306 Intro to BioPhysics         X      
PHYS 3307 Intro to Solid State Physics               X
PHYS 3310 Radiation BioPhysics                
PHYS 3402 Modern Physics           X    
PHYS 3404 Optics           X    
GEOP 4301 Exploration Geophysics           X    
PHYS 4303 Quantum Mechanics               X
PHYS 4308 Seminar in Physics               X
PHYS 4309 Nuclear & Particle Physics             X  
PHYS 4310 Intro to Atomic Theory         X