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Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Physics Education

The Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Physics Education offers the student an opportunity to acquire a general knowledge of Physics to understand the teaching methods to develop skills in critical analysis and to conduct physics education research.

The Department of Physics and Geology offers a 36-hour program leading to a master of science in interdisciplinary studies (MSIS) in physics education with thesis and non-thesis options. These options are designed to prepare students in their pursuit of further professional development and for interdisciplinary graduate studies in their area of concentration in physics.

Physics in the Rapidly Changing World

New developments in Physics have been occurring every day and the field is being rejuvenated due to newest discoveries. More and more companies are looking for applicants with increasingly sophisticated skills in Physics. As the pace of advances in science and technology accelerates, Physics education has become increasingly important in areas of science and its applications. Furthermore, the Rio Grande Valley is experiencing a shortage of qualified Physics teachers in the public schools and community colleges.

Time to Degree: 2-3 years

Total Credit Hours: 36 hours

Tracks: Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

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