Undergraduate Education


Biology IconThe Department of Biology offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in biology. Biology students may elect a curriculum for a major in biology or a biology elementary or secondary teaching plan. The department also offers study beyond the bachelor’s degree leading to a Master of Science in biology. A limited number of teaching assistantships are usually available.

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Chemistry IconThe Department of Chemistry offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, certified by the American Chemical Society, and a minor in chemistry. The department also offers programs of study for premedical and pre-dental studies, each leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. In addition, the department offers plans of study for pre-pharmacy and teacher certification in chemistry. The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate research projects to highly motivated chemistry majors interested in conducting individual research under the supervision of a faculty member.

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Mathematics IconThe Department of Mathematics offers a major in mathematics leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, minors in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. It also offers a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree in mathematics for certification in grades 4-8 (middle school). In addition, it offers courses for students seeking to teach mathematics in grades 8-12 (high school), as well as courses for those students seeking a second teaching field in mathematics at either the middle school or high school levels.
The department has a Master's graduate program and is currently in the process of obtaining Ph.D. programs in Applied Mathematics and in Mathematics Education.

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Physics and Geology

Physics and Geology IconThe Department of Physics and Geology offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics and minors in geology, physical science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and physics. It also offers secondary and elementary teaching fields in physics, physical science and earth science. The department also offers a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS). Our program includes interdisciplinary research and teaching that brings the unique perspectives of physics and geology to scientific problems at many spatial and temporal scales. Our areas of expertise encompass a range of physics and geology disciplines. This currently includes atomic, environmental, molecular, nuclear, and particle physics, material science, geophysics, earth science and physics education. Students are encouraged to actively participate in research endeavors being carried out by faculty. The department facilities support a range of research methods including theoretical, experimental and field work. Research facilities include a number of experimental labs including remote sensing and GPS systems, Neutron Activation Analysis Lab, a synthesis lab for organic conductors and a Novel Transport Phenomena Lab. Departmental computational facilities include a GIS/Remote Sensing Lab and an 8-node computer cluster (for parallel computations).

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