About the College

The College of Science and Mathematics consists of the Departments of Biology, Enviormental Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics and Geology. These departments are housed in modern facilities: the Science Building, the Math and General Classroom Building and the Physical Science Building. Additionally, the University of Texas-Pan American Coastal Studies Lab, located on South Padre Island, Texas serves the missions of university education, coastal research, and public service/public education.

Academic Programs

The College of Science and Mathematics offers the Master of Science degree in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The mathematics graduate program offers concentrations in mathematics teaching and mathematical sciences. In addition, the college provides several graduate support courses for students in graduate programs in other colleges. The college also offers the Bachelor of Science in College of Science and Mathematics biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Students may minor in biology, chemistry, elementary mathematics, geology, manufacturing engineering, mathematics, physical science, physics and statistics. High school teacher certification is available in biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physical science and physics, and elementary teacher certification is available in biology, mathematics and physical science. Also included in the biology and chemistry departments are programs for pre-dental and premedical students. Chemistry also has a plan of study for prepharmacy students.