Undergraduate Program

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, certified by the American Chemical Society, and a minor in chemistry. The department also offers programs of study for premedical and pre-dental studies, each leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. In addition, the department offers plans of study for pre-pharmacy and teacher certification in chemistry. The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate research projects to highly motivated chemistry majors interested in conducting individual research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Consult the Undergraduate Academic Catalog for the department's general overview, mission, degree requirements, major and minor requirements, course listing and descriptions, as well as information on teacher certification in chemistry, and information on the pre-pharmacy program.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Science Chemistry Brochure
Bachelor of Science Chemistry - Broad field Major Degree Plan 
Bachelor of Science Chemistry - Pre-Med / Pre-Dental Degree Plan 

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