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Chemistry News 2010-2011

The chemistry website gets an updated design.

Chemistry News 2009-2010

New Chair  

Dr. Narayan Bhat will be the new Department Chair starting September 2009. 

Dr. Narayan Bhat

New Analytical Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Jason Parson will be joining the Department in Fall 2009.

Dr. Jason Parson

New Biochemistry Faculty

Dr. James Bullard will be joining the Department in Fall 2009.

Dr. James Bullard

New Program

Biochemistry Minor: Starting Fall 2009, the Department of Chemistry will be offering a new minor in Biochemistry. The Biochemistry requirements include: 1301 & 1101 (Gen Chem-I); 1302 & 1102 (Gen Chem-II); 2302 & 2102 (Organic-I); 3303 (Biochem); 4302 (Advanced Biochem); and either 3103 (Biochem Lab) & 4203 (Advanced Biochem Lab) or 4306 (Special Topics in Biochemistry Lecture - new course available Spring 2010); total 21 hours.     

New Courses

CHEM 4306 Special Topics in Biochemistry (3-credit hour lecture course, available Spring 2009)

CHEM 4287 Special Topics in Chemistry (2-credit hour lecture course)

CHEM 4207 Biochemical Writing and Seminar (2-credit hour lecture course)

CHEM 4105 Chemistry Capstone (1-credit hour course required for all Chemistry majors)

CHEM 3401 Environmental Chemistry (3-credit hour lecture and 1-credit hour lab course, available Fall 2009)

CHEM 3206 Advanced Chemistry Research I (2-credit hour research lab course)

CHEM 4206 Advanced Chemistry Research II (2-credit hour research lab course)

CHEM 2204 Chemistry Research (2-credit hour research lab course)

CHEM 1307 & 1107 Chemistry for Engineering majors (General Chemistry course for Engineering majors only, available Fall 2009)

CHEM 1303 & 1103 Chemistry in Society I (General Chemistry course for non-science majors only, available Fall 2010)

CHEM 1304 & 1104 Chemistry in Society II (General Chemistry course for non-science majors only, available Spring 2011)

Chemistry News 2008-2009

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day          April 22, 2009

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day is an environmental awareness campaign. The 2009 theme is "Air-The Sky's the Limit." The American Chemical Society provides activities, contests and community events that are designed to enhance public awareness of important contributions made through chemistry in preserving our planet and improving our environment. The event is held annually on April 22. For more information, visit

National Chemistry Week         October 19-25, 2008

The American Chemical Society invites educators, students, and the community to celebrate National Chemistry Week from October 19-25. The 2008 theme "Having a Ball with Chemistry" is an opportunity to explore the impact of chemistry on sports while the Olympic Games are held in Beijing, China. Create your own Chemistry Olympics with hands-on activities developed to understand the materials, design, and safety in sports and sporting equipment as well as the importance of hydration and good nutrition made possible through chemistry. Resources including articles aligned with the National Science Education Standards and a K-12 poster contest are available online. For more information, visit

HESTEC Week         September 21-27, 2008

Hispanic Engineering Science and Technology (HESTEC) Program is organized by the University of Texas-Pan American, one of the country's top Hispanic Serving Institutions, in conjunction with the Office of Congressman Rubén Hinojosa. The innovative program was created seven years ago to address the critical shortage of scientists and engineers in the U.S. Since its inception, HESTEC has become a national model for promoting science, technology, engineering and math careers among South Texas students who are predominantly Hispanic.

HESTEC is from September 21 to 27 this year. For more information, visit

Chemistry Magic Show         September 27, 2008

The Department of Chemistry invites all to come by to our CHEM-TRASTIC show. View the Flyer

Experience live demonstrations on the wonders and power of Chemistry. See Fire! Explosions! Eruptions! What is Elephant Toothpaste? Can a Pumpkin Breathe Fire? Have you seen White Fire? Watch UTPA Chemistry students put their “lives on the line” to impart a little knowledge of the wonderful Science of Chemistry. Be careful though! This is very CHEM-TAGIOUS”

One-hour demonstrations will be presented in the Science Building Room - 2.102 Saturday, Sept 27 at 4:00 – 5:00 PM,  5:30 – 6:30 PM,  7:00 – 8:00 PM, and 8:30 – 9:30 PM.