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Program Description

The Department of Chemistry provides the programs for graduate students to complete the Master of Science degree in Chemistry to become professional chemists or to become professional secondary school/community college teachers. Both program tracks require students to finish 12 credit hours of core courses, three credit hours of seminar courses and nine credit hours of elective courses. In order to meet the total 30 credit hour requirement for graduation, students in traditional research track need to complete six credit hours on “thesis,” while those in teacher preparation track should finish six credit hours on “chemical educational project” on secondary school/community college education.

The Department of Chemistry also provides a course-based program for graduate students to complete a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration in Chemical Education degree to be professional high school/community college teachers.

Master of Science in Chemistry

Master of Science Chemistry Brochure
Handbook of Graduate Program
Master of Science Pre-Registration form

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS)

MSIS Chemistry Brochure
MSIS Pre-Registration form

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Graduate Academic Catalog

Consult the Graduate Academic Catalog for the department's general overview, admission requirements, general requirements, degree requirements, and course listing and descriptions.

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