The University of Texas-Pan American
Coastal Studies Lab
November 26, 2014

Courses or laboratory sessions offered through The University of Texas-Pan American and The University of Texas at Brownsville are scheduled each semester at the Coastal Studies Laboratory. Both institutions have BS and MS degree programs in biology. Students may develop degree plans that emphasize marine biology.

UTPA CSL Course Image Left ArrowBIOL 5452 Advanced Marine Zoology [3-3] as scheduled Structural, physiological and ecological relationships of common marine animals, stressing invertebrates of coastal waters. Credit Restriction: Not open to students with previous credit for BIOL 4402. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. BIOL 3414 recommended. $20 laboratory fee.
BIOL 6101 Biology Graduate Seminar [1-0] fall, spring All graduate students will be required to enroll for credit in Biology Graduate Seminar for three separate semesters. All Biology graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend seminar each semester they are enrolled in graduate school. Each student, when enrolled for credit will, with the approval of the seminar director, select some particular aspect of current biological research and present a scholarly review of it before seminar participants, other graduate students and the biology faculty.Right Arrow UTPA CSL Course Image
UTPA CSL Course Image Left ArrowBIOL 6303 Advanced Ecology [3-3] as scheduled Utilization of modern techniques to analyze interrelationships between plants, animals and the environment. Terrestrial and freshwater environments will be considered. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $20 laboratory fee.
BIOL 6304 Systematic Zoology [3-0] as scheduled Theory and methods of taxonomy, classification, phylogeny and biogeography as applied to animals. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $20 laboratory fee.Right Arrow UTPA CSL Course Image
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