Entry Requirements for Biology Master’s Program

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During the application process, you will be asked to supply the following information. All are required for consideration to join the Biology Master's program. Multiple factors are considered in the decision to admit new graduate students. Meeting minimum entry requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
    1. Undergraduate transcripts (and graduate transcripts, if any).

           * An applicant must have 24 hours of undergraduate courses in biological sciences or closely related disciplines, with 12 hours at the 3000 / 4000 level (third / fourth year) or equivalent. An applicant must have completed at least three hours in each of the following categories: Evolution and genetics;  molecular and cell biology; organismal and environmental biology, and; physiology. Students may take up to 9 hours of leveling work to fulfill this requirement, and must take and complete such course(s) the first time they are offered.

           * A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (based upon a 4.0 system) in 3000 / 4000 level (third / fourth year) undergraduate courses in biological sciences or closely related disciplines is required for clear admission to the Biology Master's program. Successful applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0 on this measure may be given probationary dmission.

    2. A Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General Test score sent directly to the University of Texas-Pan American from the testing agency. The General GRE test is available through University Testing Services at (http://www.utpa.edu/dept/testing/).

    3. A one to two page personal statement describing your academic and career goals, which states whether you are pursuing the thesis or non-thesis option.

    4. Two letters of recommendation.

    5.   A graduate faculty member must serve as the chair of the student's graduate committee (i.e., thesis advisor). The prospective thesis advisor should provide the graduate program coordinator with evidence that they have a means to support the graduate student (including e.g., anticipated teaching assistantships or research assistantships in the department) if support is necessary. A student may later change thesis advisors.

       6.  Applicants with education from foreign institutions: Evaluation of credentials may be requested as part of an application. The official credential evaluation service for the University of Texas-Pan American is Foreign Credentials Service of America (http://www.fcsa.biz/); credentials evaluated by other means will not be considered. Credential evaluation is done at the applicant's expense.

      7. Interview: Upon invitation, conduct an interview (in person, phone interview, or other means) with members of the Biology Graduate Committee.

Applications are reviewed by multiple members of the Biology Graduate Committee, who then recommend whether or not to accept an application. Candidates may submit additional or supplementary documentation (e.g., GRE Subject Test score, CV).

Application information and status is confidential.

Application deadlines


To begin Spring: 1 November; International students: 1 October

 To begin Summer: 1 May; International students: 1 March

To begin Fall: 1 June. International students: 1 June

For more information on the application process, visit: Office of Graduate Studies (http://www.utpa.edu/graduatestudies) and the Office of International Admissions and Services (http://www.utpa.edu/dept/isa). The admission deadlines for international students are often earlier
than for U.S. students.

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