Graduate Courses

BIOL 5304 Advanced Ichthyology [2-3] 
A study of ecology, distribution, adaptations, physiology, systematics and evolution of freshwater and marine fishes, with an emphasis on local forms. Laboratories will stress identification and other practical applications of modern ichthyological techniques. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5307 Host-Parasite Relationships [3-3] 
A comprehensive analysis of the interrelationships between host and parasite. Modern laboratory techniques essential to understanding these interrelationships will be considered. Credit Restriction: Credit cannot be given if BIOL 3402 or BIOL 4407 has been taken. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5312 Advanced Ornithology [3-3] 
As Scheduled
Studies in avian biology with emphasis on concepts of speciation, behavior and ecology. Previous course number: BIOL 6312; credit may be received for only one course. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5314 Advanced Plant Systematics [2-3] 
As Scheduled
A study of literature and methods of experimental plant systematics, phylogenetic considerations, field and herbarium techniques and modern biosystematic approaches applied to selected taxa will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee. 

BIOL 5315 Advanced Entomology [3-3] 
An advanced treatment of the science of entomology. Includes applied aspects of insect morphology, physiology, classification and pest management. Laboratory consists of insect identification supported by field trips. Prerequisite: BIOL 3414. $5 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5316 Advanced Toxicology [3-3] 
An advanced treatment of physiological and systematic interactions of environmental pollutants with biological systems. Laboratory consists of toxicological evaluations of selected chemicals. Prerequisites: BIOL 3412 and 6 hours of organic chemistry or biochemistry. $5 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5344 Advanced Mammalogy [2-3] 
A study of anatomy, evolution, distribution, systematics, ecology and physiology of mammals of North America. A research project is required. Critical review of current literature and studies of recent advances in mammalogy are emphasized. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5346 Advamced Aquatic Entomology [3-3] 
As Scheduled
Aquatic insect identification, taxonomy, ecology and use in bioassessment of water quality. Lower Rio Grande regional fauna emphasized. Lecture, lab and field work. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $5 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5403 Advanced Remote Sensing Technology [3-3]
This course provides advanced training in the use of electromagnetic radiation for monitoring environmental conditions and resources. Emphasis will be placed on the operation of various remote sensors, collection of analog and digital data, and use of computer software for image processing, interpretation and integration of imagery into geographic information systems. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BIOL 5405 Advanced Plant Physiology [3-3]
As Scheduled
Physiology of plants; cell structure and function, nutrition, metabolism and factors influencing growth and development. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $5 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5409 Advanced Herpetology [2-3] 
A study of the anatomy, evolution, distribution, systematics, ecology and physiology of amphibians and reptiles, primarily of North American species with special emphasis on local forms. Prerequisites: 8 hours of introductory biology (1400 level) and BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2402, and graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5411 Advanced Ecological Physiology [2-3] 
As Scheduled
A comparative study of the physiological adaptations of vertebrate animals to their environments. Emphasis is placed on the physiological basis of animal distribution and evolution. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5404 Molecular Virology

BIOL 5406 Mycology [3-3]
As scheduled.
This course will provide advanced training in the following areas: fungal morphology and taxonomy, structure and function relationships, physiology and genetics, molecular biology, parasitism of animals and plants, and applied and environmental mycology. Prerequisites: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5408 Advanced Plant Pathology [3-3] 
As Scheduled
The causes, nature and control of plant diseases. Principles of plant disease development. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5410 Marine Plant Science [3-3] 
As Scheduled
The common local marine flora with emphasis on the macroscopic algal forms and terrestrial angiosperms. Credit Restriction: Not open to students with previous credit for BIOL 4410. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 5420 Biotechnology [3-3]
This course will utilize the computational methods, on-line databases, and internet resources present in the biological sciences and apply them to answer questions in biology ranging from organism development to human disease. The laboratory portion of the class will be computer and internet based. Students will explore on-line database resources to answer specific questions in a wide variety of areas relating to cellular and molecular biology. Pre-requisites: BIOL 1401 and 1402.

BIOL 5452 Advanced Marine Zoology [3-3] 
As Scheduled
Structural, physiological and ecological relationships of common marine animals, stressing invertebrates of coastal waters. Credit Restriction: Not open to students with previous credit for BIOL 4402. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. BIOL 3414 recommended. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6101 Biology Graduate Seminar [1-0] 
Fall, Spring
All graduate students will be required to enroll for credit in Biology Graduate Seminar for three separate semesters. All Biology graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend seminar each semester they are enrolled in graduate school. Each student, when enrolled for credit will, with the approval of the seminar director, select some particular aspect of current biological research and present a scholarly review of it before seminar participants, other graduate students and the Biology faculty. 

BIOL 6302 Special Topics in Biology Marine Ecology [2-3] 
As Scheduled
A study of current topics in Biology; may be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6303 Advanced Ecology [3-3] 
As Scheduled
Utilization of modern techniques to analyze interrelationships between plants, animals and the environment. Terrestrial and freshwater environments will be considered. Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6304 Systematic Zoology [3-0] 
As Scheduled
Theory and methods of taxonomy, classification, phylogeny and biogeography as applied to animals. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6305 Biometry [3-3] 
As Scheduled
Statistical analysis and principles as applied to biological problems. Recommended Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics course. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6307 Animal Bioenergetics [3-0]
This course provides a detailed examination of the ecology and physiology of energy extraction and allocation in animals. The effects of temperature and the proximate and ultimate mechanisms that drive allocation strategies under varying environmental conditions will be emphasized. Critical thinking about our research and the research of others will be emphasized by weekly paper discussions. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and BIOL 4411/5411 (or equivalent)

BIOL 6308 Plant-Microbe Interactions [3-0]
As scheduled
The graduate student will become familiar with the concepts underlying the interactions of microbes and plants across a continuum of symbioses. Factors controlling the specificity of these interactions in relation to the plant and the microbe will be covered in a lecture and discussion format. Modern ideas from recent scientific literature concerning the molecular nature of plant pathogenicity and resistance will be emphasized. Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

BIOL 6312 Subtropical Ornithology [3-2]
Ecology, history, behavior, and conservation of subtropical bird communities, focusing on breeding birds of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Students will perform field studies of birds and several field trips will be held. $20 laboratory fee. Prerequisites: BIOL 4412, BIOL 5312, or permission of instructor.

BIOL 6313 Advanced Cell Biology and Physiology [2-3] 
Detailed lecture and laboratory analysis of typical cellular structure and dynamics with emphasis on the anatomical and physiological mechanisms underlying the functioning of selected specialized cells. Prerequisite: BIOL 3412. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6316 Molecular Genetics [3-0] 
As Scheduled
Lectures dealing with the modern concepts of genetics with emphasis on molecular-level investigations of DNA, gene structure, transcription, translation and regulation as elucidated through gene cloning, recombinant DNA technology and biochemical genetics. Recommended prerequisites: BIOL 3413 and organic chemistry or biochemistry. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. 

BIOL 6319 Scientism [3-0] 
As Scheduled
A study of the characteristics of science and the relationship between modern science and culture. A student interactive course investigating how science actually proceeds, how it should ideally be carried out, the motivations and roles of the individuals involved, and their interaction with society as a whole. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. 

BIOL 6321 Applied Microbiology [3-2]
As scheduled
This course is primarily associated with the commercial exploitation of microorganisms, and involves processes and products that are of major economic, environmental and medical importance to humankind. Aspects of industrial microbiology such as production of valuable microbial products via fermentation processes will be emphasized. Key aspects of microbial physiology to elucidate the versatility of microorganisms for their diverse metabolic activities and products will be included in the course. Prerequisite: BIOL3401. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6322 History of Biology [3-0]
The course is a survey of the events that have led to the development of biology as a science, with in-depth analyses of the order, timing and chronology of discoveries in biology from antiquity to the present. Trends of thought in the biological sciences with emphasis on notable contributors will be highlighted. The historical development of biology will be presented through class room discussions, textbook readings and readings of classic papers from the biological literature.

BIOL 6324 Evolutionary Theory [3-0]
Examination of current and historical concepts in research on micro- and macroevolution. Topics include natural and sexual selection, adaptation, homology, phylogenetic reconstruction, gene flow, molecular evolution, speciation, hybridization, and extinction.

BIOL 6365 Graduate Biological Research Problems 
As Scheduled
The student, in conference with a member of the graduate faculty, will define an independent research problem. The subject of the research may be in the area of botany, microbiology or zoology. The student's committee or the Department Chair, if the student has not yet formed a committee, will approve the problem prior to enrollment. If undertaken in summer, the student should enroll in no other course that summer term. The student's report will be written in an approved thesis style. One copy will be retained by the faculty member directing the research and one copy will be placed in the student's file in the departmental office. A maximum of 3 hours undertaken in graduate biological research problems will count toward a Master of Science degree in Biology. $4 laboratory fee.

BIOL 6420 Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology [3-3]
The lecture portion of this course will present the unique biological aspects of plants in the context of their biochemistry, physiology, and cellular and molecular biology. The laboratory portion of this course will teach students the unique lab techniques involved in the study of plant biochemistry and molecular biology.

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