Sociology Program

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science (MS) degree in sociology requires the successful completion of 36 graduate semester hours.

Required Courses:  15 Hours

SOCI 6300 Graduate Statistics
SOCI 6301 Graduate Social Theory
SOCI 6302 Graduate Research Methods
SOCI 6304 Graduate Research Analysis

Designated Electives:  15, 18, or 21 Hours

SOCI 6305 Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 6310 Social Change
SOCI 6315 Graduate Social Topics
SOCI 6325 Adv. Sociology of Sports
SOCI 6326 Health Research and Policy
SOCI 6327 Aging & the Life Course
SOCI 6344 Social Demography
SOCI 6345 Social Stratification
SOCI 6354 The Family and Society
SOCI 6358 Economic Sociology
SOCI 6361 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 6362 Mexican-American Society
SOCI 6363 Border Studies
SOCI 6376 Directed Study
SOCI 7300 Thesis I
SOCI 7301 Thesis II

Other Electives:  3 to 6 Hours

Approved Graduate Elective
Approved Graduate Elective