Sociology Program

Master of Science in Sociology

The mission of the Master of Science in Sociology is to prepare students with the knowledge and the technical expertise to be effective specialists, analysts, and administrators in a variety of social settings, such as federal, state and local government agencies, school districts, community health and aging organizations, marketing firms and evaluation programs. The program offers a curriculum that has a strong emphasis on research methods, statistics, and theory.

In order to accomplish our mission, the program pursues excellence in teaching, research, and professional service and provides graduate students with high-quality research and teaching experience. Our mission is consistent with the mission of the university.

Starting in the fall 2013 semester, our graduate program will be going online. All of our courses will be offered either fully on-line or as hybrid classes, benefiting those who are working full-time or who are unable to come to campus on a regular basis.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes

Students who have completed the Master’s degree in sociology are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate the advanced knowledge of sociological concepts and sociological perspectives.
  2. Understand the procedures of sociological research and be able to analyze sociological data.
  3. Apply sociological perspectives and methodology to community service and research using state of the art methodological and theoretical techniques.

Time to Degree: 2 years

Total Credit Hours: 36 hours

Area of Concentration: Border Studies

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