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Did you know that the last land battle of the Civil War was fought along the Mexican border at Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, Texas? During the Civil War, the Rio Grande served as a significant point of contention forming one of the Confederacy’s claimed international borders; a source for both international recognition and trade. Of course, the Union contested both of these.

"Cotton Times" pilot episode for “The Civil War’s Missing Chapter:
The Struggle on the Rio Grande, 1848-1877”

Who We Are

Drawing upon a broad coalition of interested parties, this community-based project seeks to design a virtual “tour” in the form of a map/guide/brochure and associated web page, pod casts, and QR codes that can provide a conceptual “walk” through the history of the Civil War in South Texas. The primary intent is to:

  • Enrich our knowledge
  • Identify the Civil War era in this region
  • Foster cultural awareness
  • Provide historical resources for the public
  • Add heritage tourism to the region.

Contact Us

RGV- Civil War Trail Program
The University of Texas-Pan American
1201 W University Dr.
Troxel Hall #206W
Office: (956) 665-3231

Upcoming Events

AUG 5-6, 2016
Friday, August 5 - Heritage Museum
510 E. St. Charles Street, Brownsville TX
Staurday, August 6 - Alonso Building
1325 E. Washington Street, Brownsville, TX
Brownsville Raid

FEB 26, 2017
K-12 Educators’ Professional Development Workshop
UTPA McAllen Teaching Site
1800 S. Main Street (next to La Plaza Mall)
McAllen, TX 78503
Office:  (956) 665-3231
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