Graduate Program


University sponsored financial aids

Financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans is available through the Student Financial Services Office. All students interested in applying for financial aid at the university level must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form that may be obtained from the Financial Services Office. Their website list types of aids and instructions.

University sponsored assistantship opportunities: The University Scholarship Office offers UTPA Excellence Scholarship to graduate students. Students submit applications through the online application form available at the Scholarship Office's website linked from the above website. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member is required.

Departmental assistantship opportunities

Student teaching and research assistantships are also available to graduate students on a limited basis through the Department of Psychology. A limited number of TA positions for courses, such as Research Methods and Basic Statistics, are available for a semester basis. Available positions are announced by the Graduate Program Director and students need to apply to the position on time.

A limited number of RA positions may be available. Information regarding RA position may be announced by the Graduate Program Director or faculty members who sponsor the RA positions.

To apply for a departmental teaching or research assistantship, students should submit the application form to the Program Director. To be eligible for a departmental teaching and research assistantship, a student must be enrolled in at least nine hours of courses and not be on probation. An exception to the nine hour rule can be made for students in their very last semester prior to graduation. The exception requires a petition be made to the UTPA Graduate Office.


TA and RA positions may be available in other departments or colleges. These opportunities may be announced by the Graduate Program Director or by word of mouth.