College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Achievements

Provost Award for Latin American Studies
2004 Genaro  Gonzalez Psychology
2005 Gary Moune Political Science
2006 Servando  Hinojosa Anthropology
2007 Shelia  Pozorski Anthropology
2008 Thomas  Pozorski Anthropology
2009 Margaret Graham Anthropology
2010 Jessica LavariegaMonforti Political Science

Provost Award For Pan American Studies (renamed)
2011 Dejun Su

Provost Awards for International Studies
2007-2008 Samuel Freeman Political Science
2008-2009 Aziza  Zemrani Public Administration
2009-2010 Cyntia  Lynch Public Administration
2010-2011 Jessica LavariegaMonforti Political Science
2011-2012 Vincent Nathan Criminal Justice

Name Category College Department
Dejun Su Research SBS Sociology 
William Turk Service SBS Political Science
Jerry Polinard Teaching SBS Political Science
Jessica LavariegaMonforti Research CSBS Political Science
Kristin Croyle Teaching CSBS Psychology
Philip Gasquoine Service CSBS Psychology

CSBS Faculty Excellence Awards

Year Research Teaching Service Mentoring
2013-14 - Servando Hinojosa Margaret “Peg”   Graham
2012-13 Tom Pozorski -  Gary Montgomery Shelia Pozorski
2011-12 Jerwen Jou    Jessica Lavariega Monforti Miguel Diaz-Barriga  Ramon Guerra
2010-11 Guang-Zhen Wang   Shelia Pozorski   Grant Benham -
2009-10 Jessica Lavariega Monforti   Kristin Croyle Philip Gasquoine -
2008-09 Dejun Su Jerry Polinard   William “Bill” Turk -