College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Academic Advisors

CSBS Advisors in the college advise Freshmen, Sophomores and FIRST-TIME (not currently enrolled) transfer students.

Academic Career Advisor Letty Garza (956) 665-5250 SBS 209C
Academic Career Advisor Dolores Perez (956) 665-7289 SBS 209B
Academic Career Advisor Bill Watkins (956) 665-5365 SBS 209B


Advisor Assignments

First Letter of Last Name Earned Hours Advisor Office
A - G 0 - 30 Justin Garcia Southwick Hall 101
H - Z 0 - 30 Dolores Perez SBS 209A
A - K 31 - 59 Bill Watkins SBS 209B
L - Z 31 - 59 Letty Garza SBS 209C



  • Advisement for sophomore level students in all majors and minors offered by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences except:
  • Advisement for all General Studies
  • Advisement for first-year transfer students.
  • All junior and senior SBSC majors and minors need to see their faculty advisors.
  • Appointments welcome, please call the Academic Advisement & Mentoring Center (AAM Center) at 665-7120.
  • Please remember to be on time for your appointment!

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